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    Sweet Potato Porridge (Cháo Khoai Lang)

    This Best Vietnamese Food is nostalgic because it is what I used to have regularly during my schooling days. Sweet Potato Porridge (Cháo Khoai Lang) is basically an “enhanced” porridge with the former adding sweetness to the porridge. It is, however, not eaten on its own. Rather, some side dishes compliment this simple but delicious porridge such a snack or minced pork balls with preserved black beans. I usually have 2 bowls of this as the sweet potato somehow makes the porridge more appetizing.
    Sweet Potato Porridge (Cháo Khoai Lang)

    My mother usually uses the yellow-colored sweet potato, probably because that is what is commonly found in the market. I think any type of sweet potato would do the trick. Try to get those which are less fibrous as it can be an irritant to have them in your mouth. This Best Vietnamese Food is very simple and everyone can cook it. You just add sweet potatoes into the porridge as you cook it.
    Sweet Potato Porridge (Cháo Khoai Lang)1
     This is the recipe for this Best Vietnamese Food: 3 to 4 tablespoons of rice, 2 to 3 pieces of sweet potato (cut into small chunks) and water. Rinse rice once to remove dust and dirt. Place rice in a pot and fill it with water (water should be at least 3 cm above the layer of rice). Add sweet potatoes and bring water to boil.
    Upon boiling, reduce heat to medium low and continue cooking till rice turns to porridge and sweet potatoes are semi-soft and cooked. Have a pot of hot water ready in case you need to top up some water when the porridge dries out during cooking.
    Sweet Potato Porridge (Cháo Khoai Lang)2

    When writing this Best Vietnamese Food, I remember the day that my mom cooked it for me. It was a beautiful memory. Tomorrow, I will make one Sweet Potato Porridge and invite my mom enjoying it together.
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