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    Vietnamese Sea Urchin Dishes

    Sea urchin has an ugly shape, but it is one of Best Vietnamese Food which is eaten frequently in the middle of the nation. And i bet you will not forget its flavor from the first time for tasting. These dishes from sea urchin is not only delicious, but also really good for health.
    Vietnamese Sea Urchin Dishes

    Sea urchin is a type of mollusk which lives in one group. You can find it out in the rocks and near the moss in the middle sea. From the early summer to late autumn, it is time of sea urchins reproducing. So the fishermen usually catch them at this time. Sea urchins are often big as grapefruit, spherical shape, and brown blue color and have a lot of spine around its body which can inject to the catchers.
    Vietnamese Sea Urchin Dishes1

    The fishermen eat the sea urchins frequently with mustard. They clean the sea urchins firstly and then put them into the bowl and add the lemon juice together. They also have a unique way to produce mustard; they mix the mustard with the soya sauce, and then add some chili, peanuts which are roasted hardly and broccoli. Eating this Best Vietnamese Food is so delicious; you will see the spicy of mustard and broccoli, the sweet fat of sea urchins, the aromatic flavor of peanut combining with pepper salt and herbs together.
    Vietnamese Sea Urchin Dishes2

    If you cannot eat the Best Vietnamese Food with the mustards, you can choose the grilled sea urchins or sea urchins porridge. Due to the sea urchins are mollusk, so if you are not careful, the water in the urchins will evaporate and loss all the nutrition. Therefore, I suggest you eat it with the porridge. It could be fantastic after you swim in the cool water of the sea and then eat the sea urchins with the hot porridge and spicy of chili and pepper.
    Vietnamese Sea Urchin Dishes3

    To sum up, do not miss this Best Vietnamese Food when you travel to the middle Vietnam. Swimming and diving are great choices for looking for sea urchin. You can catch them and bring back to kitchen and cook when they are still fresh. It will create a stunning flavor in your mouth. So, how do you feel? Really excited, right? Make sure you will not miss it and Have a great trip in Vietnam.
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