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    Ba Khía (Freshwater Crabs)

    Besides of the natural landscape and the pristine beauty, people who to come to canal would enjoy a dish that has long been a local specialty: Ba Khía (Freshwater Crabs). This ingredient is really popular to create many Best Vietnamese Food.  However there are some little can enjoy it because the flavor and smell is quite hard.
    Ba Khía (Freshwater Crabs)

    Rạch Gốc Ba Khía has a brand over the years as only the third local areas truly delicious, more attractive. Around July, August is the annual lunaris the Ba Khía’s season. This type of Ba Khía eat black fall fruit sauce, therefore it has lipstick brick, aromatic meat and just three ways to make more elsewhere.
    After catching Ba Khía, washed and salted it on the spot. Salt permeability for about 5 to 7 days and nights can be eaten. Next is salt Ba Khía, you need to be careful that salt it not too salty, not too light salt. So if the meat salty gasoline, even if the flesh colors too weak stomach, loss of appetite. Here is also the important way to create Best Vietnamese Food from my country.
    Ba Khía (Freshwater Crabs)1

    In addition, Ba Khía is also cooked with lemongrass sauce. Sauce is made very simple but no less special, including minced lemongrass, mixed with fresh rice, the spicy little pepper to create and give a little more seasoning to taste. When I write this article, I could not stop thinking about this Best Vietnamese Food.
    With this food, very sweet flesh of three ways, by air fragrant with the chili pepper, lemon and a little sour, warm batch of rice. Three ways with boiled sauce is a dish will not be forgotten for visitors. Hope you can satisfy with this post which gives you enough information about this amazing ingredient to create many Best Vietnamese Food in my country. Have a happy trip with your family and friends.

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