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    Fried Shrimp with Sesame Recipe (Tôm Chiên Tẩm Vừng)

    In Vietnamese Culture, we have many delicous Vietnamese Food Recipes can comebine with boiled rice. And one of them is Fried Shrimp with Sesame (Tôm Chiên Tẩm Vừng). If you love seafood and shrimps, I think you can make this dish for yourself and even for your beloved family. After fried, when eating, you can feel how crispy this food in your mouth. I love this feeling.

    Create one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes to help changing your boring daily meal depends on your decision right now. If you do want to cook it, please follow carefully our instruction below and let us start cooking right now.
    200gr fresh shrimps
    1 yolk
    2 teaspoons tapioca starch
    Salt, pepper, fish sauce
    Roasted Sesame
    Spirng Onion.
    Step 1: Clean shrimps and peel off the cover. Next, pull out the black lines on backs of shrimps.

    Step 2: Marinate shrimp with 1 yolk + salt + pepper + fish sauce + sliced spring onion + tapioca starch. Mix them well and wait about 15 minutes.

    Step 3: Pour mixture (in step 2) in blender and grind well.

    Step 4: Here is the important to create how one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes look like. Use spoon to scoop mixture (in step 3), roll through roasted sesame and use your hand to make it into circle shape. Continue until mixture (in step 3) is out.

    Step 5: Add 2 – 3 tablespoons into pan, wait to hot, drop one by one shrimp balls into pan and fry until it turns brown yellow. Always use medium heat to fry. Then put on plate added paper napkin to absorb wasted oil.

    Finally, you can serve one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes for your beloved family. You can choose to use with boiled rice or not. If you do not, you can eat with chili sauce. It is perfect in cold days when watching tivi or talking to friends. Hope you love this dish. Good Luck for your cooking and Happy Holidays.

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