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    Crayfish Cà Mau (TômTít Cà Mau)

    Crayfish Cà Mau (Tôm Tít Cà Mau) is present from sea, especially dedicated to the friends from the mainland to visit Ca Mau. Crayfish’s meat is delicious, fresh, tasty medium gentle sea, far from the taste of shrimp and lobster. It is now considered one of Best Vietnamese Food.
    Crayfish Cà Mau (TômTít Cà Mau)

    For a crayfish party is very attractive, there must first be selected for the wine and the shrimp are jumping. The bigger of this Best Vietnamese Food the greater value it is. 4-6 Type I /kg are truly "world-class".
    Crayfish Cà Mau (TômTít Cà Mau)1

    The cooking way of this Best Vietnamese Food is not very picky, just steamed, boiled or baked, with salt or lemon pepper fish sauce Foot binding enough visitors every domain. The handy man and "soul" are shown eating thin pressing the dried crayfish, as it is scrumptious dishes for entertaining friends or courtesy.
    Crayfish Cà Mau (TômTít Cà Mau)2

    Boiled shrimp is done, if the shrimp are large, they put the child up and drive a knife cut each folded for easy peeling. If baking, to fan the embers, are always returned, cooked shrimp shells gold, rising aroma is complex. But most were on hand peeled; slice extra pair of herbs, chewing up feeling crunchy punchy and sweet. If the child is small shrimp to hear crunchy bite.
    Crayfish Cà Mau (TômTít Cà Mau)3

    Crayfish meat is red, ward complex flavor, soft but not mealy. Discerning People often use this dish with more vegetables, tomato, banana, cucumber and if there as good extra bit of mustard. Shrimp meat wrapped in rice paper if they wish to put vegetables and sour sauce - spicy, not sure if that package rolls up. If there are more bottles of rice wine or a few cans of beer party even more exciting.  If you come to this place, there is no reason you would not enjoy this Best Vietnamese Food.
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