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    Black Scrawled Cowfish (Cá Bò)

    Black scrawled cowfish (Cá Bò) is a popular Vietnamese Street Food in Nha Trang, Khánh Hoà. The name of this fish comes from their black skin like coal. The appearance of this fish is ugly and not attractive but it becomes the delicious food after cooking.
    Black Scrawled Cowfish (Cá Bò)

    There are many style of making this Vietnamese Street Food; in my opinion, however, the grilled way is the best chosen. The fresh one is caught from the sea is the good one. Then, using the sharp knife to cut it, take the skin out and cut slightly some straight slice on the fish. Finally, adding some ingredients onto the fish and bring it on the hot coal. The good chef will grill the fish in the small fire, and turn the fish frequently to avoid it is too fire.
    Black Scrawled Cowfish (Cá Bò)1

    When making the fish, do not through its skin away due to it is also a good food. Slice the skin into small pieces. Eating this Vietnamese Street Food is less delicious if you do not use their special sauce which is made from the local chilies. Besides that, some vegetables like papaya, carrot and herbs are some things which cannot miss.
    Black Scrawled Cowfish (Cá Bò)2

    To enjoy this Vietnamese Street Food, you need to combine the fish’s meat, the vegetables and the skins together and then put them into the sauce. The soft and sweet of fish, the brittle of the skins and the spicy of sauce are mixed into each eating that makes you have good feeling. If you cannot come to Nha Trang, you can come to Khoái restaurant on Le Quy Don Street, district 3 Ho Chi Minh City to enjoy this dish. The restaurants open at 7 A.M and close at 10 P.M.
    Black Scrawled Cowfish (Cá Bò)3

    Come and enjoy this Vietnamese Street Food when you visit NhaTrang, KhanhHoà. You not only can see the beautiful beach in here, but also can enjoy many amazing dishes, especially Black scrawled cowfish. Good Luck for your Travel and do not miss to taste this dish when you are here. See you soon.
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