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    Boiled Shrimp with Coconut Milk Recipe (Tôm Luộc Nước Dừa)

    Next dish I decide to introduce to you and your family is Boiled Shrimp with Coconut Milk (Tôm Luộc Nước Dừa). This dish is one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes. Using coconut milk in boiling will make the food you cook more fragrant, sweeter and delicious.  Do not use many ingredients in cooking, just fresh shrimp and coconut milk, but you still create a stunning dish for your family on the weekend or also in the party.

    There are 3 steps to cook one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes like this dish.  The most important to make this meal more delicious is you have to choose fresh shrimp. Please follow our instruction below carefully.

    Fresh Shrimp: 0.5 kg
    Coconut milk: 25ml
    Salt, pepper, maggi’s stuff
    Onions, leeks, celery, red pepper

    Step 1
    : This step is the most important step to create one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes, so you should not neglect from instruction below.
    - Mix coconut milk with a little cold water on bowl. Add more salt, pepper, maggi’s stuff. Next, pour shrimp, celery, leek, onion into bowl to absorb spices.

    Step 2
    : Put bowl in the microwave for 2 minutes 30 seconds.
    Step 3: When the microwave off, take out shrimp on dish, decorated celery around, and use with pepper and salt.
    Now, your dish is ready to serve. Lay everything on dish and enjoy one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes with your family and friends. Using with lemon juice added a little pepper and salt or chili sauce. Eating this dish on the weekend is the best way for you to enjoy with your family. Are you ready to make it? Hope you like it .Good luck with your cooking and do not miss our recipes tomorrow. Wish you success and appetite.

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