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    Cassava Juice with Lemon Recipe (Nước Sắn Dây Chanh)

    One of fresh and Easy Vietnamese Recipes which I want to introduce today is Cassava Juice with Lemon (Nước Sắn Dây Chanh). Adding a little lime into cassava juice will help to increase the flavor for this drink. In summer time, you can create this drink and enjoy with family and friends. Trust me; it is not only fresh, but also really healthy, especially for your face skin.

    Are you ready to create one of amazing and Easy Vietnamese Recipes with us? You can save much time for making this one. When you are ready, please follow my instruction below and let us start together right now.


    ½ bowl cassava flour
    1 tablespoon sugar
    ½ lime or lemon

    Step 1
    : Mix cassava flour with 300ml cold water. Stir well.

    Step 2: Add more sugar into this mixture. From many experiences when making one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes like this one, you usually filter this mixture before adding lime juice.

    Step 3: Next, add more lime juice and stir well again.

    Finally, you already finished one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes. It is really quick, right? Adding more ice before drinking is perfect. How do you think? Are you ready to reduce the heat in this summer with this special drink? Hope you love it and Good Luck for your Cooking.

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