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    Chicken Steamed Sticky Rice Recipe (Xoi Ga)

    Chicken Steamed Sticky Rice is one of stunning and popular Vietnamese Food Recipes. Actually, you can be easy to find this dish on many vendors around Ho Chi Minh City. This stunning dish is the wonderful combination of chicken meat, sausage and scallion oil.

    If you notice with one of delicious Vietnamese Food Recipes like this dish, you can follow our recipes below. Let us do it now.
    3 cup of sticky rice (normal bowl meal)
    3 - 4 chicken thighs (depending on the preferences you can increase or decrease the chicken)
    1-2 sausages bar
    Scallions, five spices flavor, soy sauce, sugar, salt, fish sauce, leeks
    1 small bunch of sticky leaves.
    Wash sticky rice, soaked overnight with salt.

    Departed 3-4 lines on a chicken leg, marinated chicken overnight with a bit of the five spices flavor, soy sauce, sugar, salt, fish sauce, and chopped leeks.

    Wash sausage, slice about 1 cm. You can use the frozen sausage or cut them in half.
    Step 1:
    Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a pan, and fried the chicken, flip sides chicken to chicken cooked evenly. Add little boiling water into the bowl on marinated chicken, pour into the pan boil together until the chicken cooked, put on the bowl, let it cool.

    Step 2:

    Add sticky rice on autoclave. Remember to add 1 bunch of sticky rice leaves tied for more fragrant.
    Sometimes stir sticky rice, add sliced sausage in to autoclave, and mix well.
    Shredded cool chicken.
    Step 3:
    Chopped scallions add 1 teaspoon oil and place bowl in microwave back 30 seconds until cooked. When sticky rice cooked, stir well.

    When you ladle this one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes on dish with sausage, on the surface, spread shredded chicken meat, sprinkle little oil mixed with scallion oil cooked. If you prefer, you can eat more cotton scrub.

    Finally, you finished this amazing dish. How do you feel? Eating when it is hot is more delicious. Enjoy this dish with your family, and show them you have a wonderful cooking skill now. Hope you like this recipe and do no tmiss our next posts about Vietnamese Food Recipes next time. Good luck for your cooking.
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