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    Dried Squid Porridge Recipe (Cháo Mực Khô)

    Do you want to change your boring daily meal? One of my favorite Vietnamese Food Recipes in this weather is Dried Squid Porridge (Cháo Mực Khô). The natural sweetness from dried squid makes this dish more delicious. Why don’t we choose to cook it today?
    If you do want to discover one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes like this one, let us start cooking right now, ok?
    2 – 3 dried squids (big size)
    ½ bowl rice
    ¼ bowl sticky rice
    Pork blood cube (100 – 150g)
    1 ginger
    Spring onion, salt, pepper, Magi’s stuff, fish sauce
    Purple onion, white wine
    Chinese sticks (Quẩy) or Century Eggs (Hột vịt Bách Thảo)
    Bean sprout
    Step 1: Clean well dried squids, soak in water added a little white wine (rice wine) in 30 minutes. You can use squid feeler to stew with pork broth.

    Step 2: Mix rice and sticky rice together, clean well and wait to dry. Heat a little oil in small pot, add minced purple onion and fry until it is fragrant. Then, add mixture rice and fry quickly in 5 – 7 minutes.

    Step 3: Pour pork broth (3 – 4 bowls) into mixture in step 2. Cook with small heat until rice is soft. Here is also the first step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes.

    Step 4: Peel off cover of ginger, clean and slice fiber. Clean bean sprout, wait to dry.

    Step 5: After soaked dried squids, clean well again and use scissors for cut into long and thin pieces. You also can use hands to tear them small.

    Step 6: Heat the oil, add sliced purple onion + ginger and fry until they are fragrant. Next, add sliced squid into pot and fry with a little fish sauce and sugar.

    Step 7: Boil pork blood cube again, slice into small square shapes.

    Step 8: After rice is soft in step 3, season with a little salt and add more fried squids in step 6 into pot.
    Step 9: Cook with small heat, use spoon to stir gently to make sure rice will not be burnt on bottom. Then, add sliced pork blood cubes, season again and cook with small heat in 5 – 7 minutes.

    Finally, you already finished one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes. Turn off the heat, sprinkle more sliced spring onion on face of porridge to increase its flavor. Scoop into bowl, arrange Chinese sticks or century eggs on face of food is my choice. I suggest you should eat when it is hot. More delicious. Hope you satisfy with this recipe and Good Luck for your Cooking.

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