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    Steamed Rice Pancake with Grilled Pork Recipe (Bánh Ướt Thịt Nướng)

    What will you cook for this weekend? From many amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes, I decide to make Steamed Rice Pancake with Grilled Pork (Bánh Ướt Thịt Nướng) for all members in family. It is the new way to enjoy this steamed rice pancake. You can buy it at market or make it at home by following my recipe.

    Serving with dipping sauce and vegetables is my favorite choice. I cannot stop my drool when thinking about it and why don’t we start discover about one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes right now?
    300g pork meat (it is better when you use the part has a little grease from pig)
    Steamed rice pancake (Bánh ướt) – Buy at Vietnamese markets
    Vegetables: salad, Vietnamese mint herb, basil leaves, cinnamon leaves
    Dipping sauce: fish sauce, chili, honey, sesame oil, salt
    1 tablespoon white sesame
    Purple onion, garlic, lime
    Step 1: Clean pork meat well, wait to dry and slice thinly. Marinate with sliced purple onion, minced garlic, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon fish sauce, a little pepper, white sesame, sesame oil and mix well. Wait from 3 – 4 hours.

    Step 2: Bring to grill on fired coal or in grilling machine (190 degree in 20 – 30 minutes). Sometime, use small brush to spread a little broth from meat on their faces to make sure it will not be dried after grilled. Here is also the important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes.

    Step 3: Clean well all vegetables, put on basket and wait to dry.

     Step 4: Making dipping sauce: cut in half lime, press to get water from it, mix with minced garlic and chili. Then, cook ½ bowl water + ½ bowl sugar until sugar is melted. Wait to get cold and add more ¼ bow fish sauce. Stir well and season to suit your flavor, and add more mixture lime water + minced chili + garlic. Put in fridge to store.

    Finally, you can serve it for your family right now. Spread one leave of steamed rice pancake, add vegetables, grilled pork, wrap and roll it gently and carefully. Serving with dipping sauce is spectacular. Why don’t you choose it for your weekend like mine? Hope you will love it and do not miss our other Vietnamese Food Recipes next time. Good Luck for your cooking and have a good appetite.
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