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    Food for Luna New Year in Vietnam (Part 1)

    Luna New Year or Tet Holiday is an important and sacred time of Vietnamese people. Today I would like to introduce some Traditional Vietnamese Food  in Northern, Middle and Southern Vietnam at this time. I hope this post can help you to find some ideas for your own Tet Holiday. In this post, I will introduce 3 best dishes in Northern Area for you guys.
    Food for Luna New Year in Vietnam (Part 1)

    1. Pickled Welsh Onion (Muối Củ Hành)
    For the long time, this Traditional Vietnamese Food has existed in every Vietnamese’s meals in Luna New Year. It is quite easy to make, so I would like to guide you how to make it in this article. Firstly, you have to collect the old welsh onion, hard and then cut away its tail, only keeping the roots. Next, you mash them in the ash water which includes borax in 2 days and 2 nights.
    After that, pick up and take off the roots and the crust of them. Following, put into one box and then adding some salt. Remember, you have to can the box carefully, do not let the wind go inside. After 2 weeks, you can take them out and put into another box. In this new box, pour the vinegar sugar together. Next 3 days, you can enjoy it.
    Food for Luna New Year in Vietnam (Part 1)1

    2. Frozen Meat: (Thịt Đông)
    Frozen meat is a typical food of Northern Area. However, it is considered one of most Traditional Vietnamese Food due to it has a long history and existing every Luna New Years’ time. The main ingredient of this style of food is pork. The making of this food is easy, but it is quite weird.
    Firstly, cooking it till the meat is soft and then put the pot outside the door for one night. Remember, closing the cap carefully, does not anything go inside it. At the next day, you will have one delicious frozen food.
    Food for Luna New Year in Vietnam (Part 1)2

    3. Stewed Beef with Cinnamon: (Bò Kho Quế)
    I do not have a chance to enjoy this food. So I cannot describe the tasty of this food. However, I searched some information to make this food.
    To make it, you need to choose the encrusted beef. Next chilled it with garlic’s water, fish sauce and salt and then put the pork inside it. Rolling it and tied it hardly. Next, frying it in some second and then stewing it carefully in the pot. Then, putting the beef in the hot water includes some soya bean, sugar and some cinnamon. Till the meat is soft, you can take it out and enjoy it.
    Do not miss our next post about Food for Lunar New Year in Vietnam to find our more interesting Traditional Vietnamese Food with us. Happy Lunar New Year, everyone.
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