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    Fried Cakes with Spring Onion Recipe (Bánh Hành Chiên)

    In rainy days, snacks will be the first choice, especially after took a nap. Do you agree with me? If you are lazy after slept or busy, why don’t choose one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes like Fried Cakes with Spring Onion (Bánh Hành Chiên) for yourself. From many simple ingredients which you already have in fridge, create these cakes is not the problem.

    Here is the new experience for who wants to taste a new flavor from me. After took a nap, I want to eat something but it is raining heavily. That is why I decide to leave my butt to fridge, open it and find something I can cook. If you want to know how this process happens, feel free to follow my instruction below and let us start cooking one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes right now.


    200g wheat flour
    50g spring onion
    Salt, Magi’s stuff
    Soya sauce, chili.

    Step 1
    : Mix wheat flour with ½ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon Magi’s stuff together. Pour slowly warm water (30 degree) into it. Do not stop stirring when pouring water. Pour until this flour mixture becomes a flour cube and do not stick your hand when testing.
    Step 2: Clean and slice small spring onion.
    Step 3: Mix sliced spring onion into flour mixture in step 1. Use your hands to knead well and use food nylon bag to cover carefully, wait for 30 minutes.
    Step 4: After that, separate into small cubes.

    Step 5: Apple a little wheat flour on flat plate or table, use wood pestle to roll into circle shapes.
    Step 6: Heat the oil (3 – 4 teaspoons), put one by one circle flour shapes in step 5 into pan and fry until their faces turn brown yellow. Do not need much time to create one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes in this step.
    Finally, these cakes are already served to all members in family like snack meals. Eating with soya sauce added sliced chili is my choice. How about you? Share with me your opinion or your idea when you can enjoy it with other stuffs. Have a happy week and Good Luck for your Cooking with one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes from me.

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