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    Fried Egg with Boiled Rice Recipe (Cơm Trứng Rán)

    You love Asian Cuisine, especially Vietnamese Food? As you may know, rice is always the main ingredient for many dishes. Today, I will show one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes for all you guys. With a little changing in decoration, Fried Egg with Boiled Rice (Cơm Trứng Rán) is really eye catching. Moreover, its flavor will make you cannot stop eating.

    You only need boiled rice, fried egg and meat balls and you can create one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes with us. So, if you want to change your boring daily meal, I think here is a good choice. Please follow carefully our instructions below and let us start cooking right now.
    3 Eggs
    2 bowls boiled Rice
    Spring onion, onion
    1 Carrot
    250gr Grinded pork
    1 – 2 tablespoons Ketchup.
    Step 1: Firstly, peel of the cover of carrot, clean and slice small carrot. Mince spring onion and add into eggs, stir well with a little salt.
    Step 2: Fry egg with a little oil o make sure it will not be stuck on the bottom of pan.

    Step 3: Wait to get cool, cut fried egg into long parts as photo below (5cm).
    Step 4: Peel off the cover of onion, slice small. Next, mix it with grinded pork, salt, pepper and 2 teaspoon sesame oil together. Separate into small balls, press gently, and bring to fry in hot oil. Fry until these balls turn yellow with medium heat. Turn off the heat.

    Step 5: Mix boiled rice with roasted sesame. Next, separate into small balls. Use your hand to press firmly. The size of them are equal with pork balls ones.
    Step 6: Here is the important step to create one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes. Put pork ball on boiled rice balls and use fried egg to roll outside. Then, pour a little ketchup on face of balls. You can use toothpick to make sure fried egg can stick with boiled rice balls.

    Finally, you can serve one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes for your family and friends in weekends. I bet it can make your day more colorful and happy. Serving with any vegetable you love like cucumber, white radish and hot soup can increase its flavor in your mouth. Hope you love this dish and Good Luck for your Cooking.
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