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    Vietnamese Goby Fish (Ca Keo)

    One more Vietnamese Street Food is Goby Fish. Goby fish is living mostly at the Southwest Vietnam, especially in Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau and Can Tho. However, you can easily buy it from any market in Vietnam. When processing the fish, you just rub it slightly by lemongrass leaves in some minutes and then clean it by fresh water. One remember thing, do not take off any pieces inside or outside of goby fish because all of them are good to eat. Goby fish can be cooked into four main dishes:
    Braised goby fish with pepper:
    Vietnamese Goby Fish (Ca Keo)

    This type of dish is considered as a popular dish in south family meals. The fish are tastier when combined with pepper and chili and mixed with herbs, cucumber. This dish is served with hot or cold rice is still delicious.
    Grilled goby fish with chili:
    Vietnamese Goby Fish (Ca Keo)1

    After fish are added many chilies, it will be grilled on the kitchen coal in some minutes. When you see the good smell, it is time for serving the meal on the table. If you once eat it, you will never forget the combined smell between fish and chilies. This type of cooking is one of reason goby fish becoming Vietnamese Street Food due to the fish are usually grilled on the street to attract the customers. They cannot take control when smell it and they will come the restaurant immediately.
    Fried goby fish:
    Vietnamese Goby Fish (Ca Keo)2

    This type of cooking is not less delicious as two above. There are some opinions that this type is more delicious than others due to it is used with tamarind sauce. One special sauce of Southeast’s citizens, it has sour, salt and sweet flavor are mixing together.
    Goby fish hot pot:
    Vietnamese Goby Fish (Ca Keo)3

    This dish is the most popular Vietnamese Street Food and it is also my favorite food. The hot pot is usually cooked with one more favorite flavor of Southeast’s people which is River Leaves (La Giang). When the broth is boiled, the live fish will be added into the pot. You have to keep the pot carefully, because the fish will turn and struggle strongly to get away the boiled water. After the fish does not move, it is time for eating. You can add vegetables into the pot like spinach.
    To sum up, you should take your friends with you to enjoy this Vietnamese Street Food when you have a chance to visit my beautiful country. Keep that chance and do not miss any Vietnamese Food from us.  Have a happy trip.
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