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    Fried Mussel with Cassava Vermicelli Recipe (Hến Xào Miến)

    Today, Vietnamese Food Team wants to introduce to you a new recipe from our beloved Vietnam’s Central area. From a very long list of Vietnamese Food Recipes, Fried Mussel with Cassava Vermicelli (Hến Xào Miến) has a very unique flavour of Vietnam’s Central area. It may be a little strange in taste even for a Vietnamese (Southern or Northern Vietnamese to be specific) but it tastes really delicious and worth trying.

    The mussel meat is very sweet and has strong taste combines with the chewy vermicelli, the enchanting smell of wood ear mushroom, spring onions & coriander makes the dish is so irresistible. So let us start cooking one of our stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes now!
    200g of mussel
    50g of cassava vermicelli
    Some jelly ear mushrooms
    Salt, pork/ chicken broth mix, pepper
    Coriander, spring onions, dried onions, girdle cakes, cashew nut oil and chilli powder.
    Step 1: Wash the mussel, let it dry. Mix with 1 coffee spoon of salt, some pepper in 25 minutes.

    Step 2: Soak the jelly ear mushrooms until you see it is bigger, remove the root or leg, slice it. Peel off the skin & mince dried onions.

    Step 3: Soak cassava vermicelli in cold water in 15 minutes.

    Step 4: Scald the vermicelli in boiled water, take it out and soak in cold water so it won’t get sticky.

    Step 5: Then heat up with 2 spoons of cashew nut oil, fry the onions, and add the mussel & wood ear mushrooms in to stir fry. Adjust with 1 coffee spoon of salt, ½ spoon of pork/ chicken broth mix and stir it.

    Step 6: This is the final step for one of our delicious Vietnamese Food Recipes. Add the cassava vermicelli in, stir with half spoon of chilli powder in high heat until the vermicelli is mixed with the mussel. Adjust the taste.

    Before serving, you can sprinkle some minced spring onions, coriander and pepper on the surface of the dish, it will enhance the flavour and make the dish looks more attracting. Well, another recipe from our Vietnamese Food Recipes has been done again! Oh, we almost forget the signature for this dish. The girdle cakes are used to eat along with this dish. Interesting right? So why don’t you try making this dish and tell us how you feel about it? Hoping that we would get positive response soon!

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