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    Fried Green Bean with Roasted Sesame Recipe (Đậu Cô Ve Xào Vừng)

    You are getting bored with the old processes for making green bean? Today, I would like to introduce a new way to create one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes for you guys with this healthy ingredient. It is called Fried Green Bean with Roasted Sesame (Đậu Cô Ve Xào Vừng). It is not only delicious but also really easy for cooking. If you always are busy, I think here is a good choice. Eating with boiled rice and hot soup is my favorite. Would you like to taste this dish with me?

    Finding these ingredients is not difficult. You can easily find them around your places. When you are ready for cooking, please follow our instructions below carefully and let us together start making one of healthy Vietnamese Food Recipes for family right now.
    300g green bean
    Purple onion, garlic, olive oil, oyster oil, pork/chicken broth mix, salt
    Roasted sesame (3 – 4 teaspoons).
    Step 1: Use knife to gut gently 2 heads of green bean. Strip 2 fiber lines on 2 sides of green bean stem. Clean carefully and wait to get dry.

    Step 2: Boil the water, add 1 teaspoon salt when boiling. Then, add green bean and soak in 3 – 4 minutes. Next, wash immediately in cold water to keep the green color of this vegetable. Here is the important step to create the flavor for one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes.

    Step 3: Roast sesame if you cannot buy at markets. Next, grind preliminarily.

    Step 4: Heat the oil (2 – 3 teaspoons). Add minced garlic and purple onion and fry until they are fragrant. Next, pour green bean in step 2 into pan and fry with large heat. Stir quickly. Season with a little oyster oil + ½ teaspoon salt + ½ pork/chicken broth mix and taste to suit your flavor.

    Step 5: Then, add more roasted sesame and use chopsticks to stir well. Make sure sesame will cover all green bean. Turn off the heat.
    Finally, you already finished one of healthy Vietnamese Food Recipes for your family. Serving with hot soup and boiled rice is a good way. I suggest you should eat when it is hot. Moreover, if you are a vegetarian, you can cook this dish for yourself. But remember that do not use oyster oil and pork/chicken broth mix. You should use sesame oil and salt, sugar, pepper instead. Hope you love it and Good Luck for your Cooking.
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