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    Fried Pork Meat with Eggplant Recipe (Thịt Ba Chỉ với Cà Tím)

    The great combination of Fried Pork Meat with Eggplant (Thịt Ba Chỉ với Cà Tím) dish in rainy days will make you cannot stop eating. It originally comes from many Easy Vietnamese Recipes. If you do not have much cooking time, why don’t choose it for today and enjoy with family?

    With simple ingredients like pork meat, spring onion, sweet and sour sauce and egg plate will help you have a perfect meal for all members in family. Serving with boiled rice is my first choice. How about you? Let us start cooking one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes right now.

    2 eggplants
    150 pork meat (half lean half fat pork)
    Spring onion
    Fish sauce, salt, sugar, lime, garlic, chilies

    Step 1: Clean and slice eggplant into short pieces, soak in cold water added a little salt in 15 minutes, wait to dry.

    Step 2: Arrange sliced eggplant on unstuck pan, cover and cook with small heat until they are soft. Then, increase the heat to large to fry their cover until turn brown yellow, wait to reduce heat and peel off the cover.


    Step 3: Clean and slice pork thinly. Marinate with a little salt. Heat the oil, add sliced pork and fry until their color turn brown yellow. You can cover the pan to make it cook quickly. Here is also the first step to create one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes.

    Step 4: Clean and slice small spring onion. Mix it with 2 teaspoons oil, put in microwave in 30 seconds.

    Step 5: Mince well garlic, chilies. Add 2 tablespoons fish sauce, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons water, stir well until sugar is melted. Add more minced garlic and chilies into this mixture with some lime water drops. Season again to suit your flavor, if you want to store it for many days, you should cook mixture fish sauce + sugar + water before add more chili, garlic and lime water

    Finally, you basically finished one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes. Arrange fried eggplant on plate; add on sliced pork meat the center + mixture spring onion in step 4. Serving with sweet and sour sauce is perfect in rainy days. Are you ready to discover this dish right now? Hope you will have a good appetite and Good Luck for your Cooking.

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