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    Fried Rice with Beef Meat Recipe (Cơm Rang Thịt Bò)

    Do you want to create something new from rice for your family and friends? From many Easy Vietnamese Recipes which can help you can save much time for cooking, I will introduce one amazing dish for all you guys. It is called Fried Rice with Beef Meat (Cơm Rang Thịt Bò). Of course, this dish is not only tasty, but also really healthy, especially for your breakfast. You can cook it for your family before all members go to schools and companies.

    Moreover, cooking one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes for your own lunch meal is a great choice. I bet all friends in schools or companies will envy with your lunch. So, are you excited to make it now? If you do want to cook, please follow my instruction below carefully.


    1 bowl rice (for 1 person)
    50g grinded beef
    240ml ketchup
    1 chicken egg
    Minced Vietnamese mint leaves
    30ml sweet wine
    1 teaspoon butter or olive oil.

    Step 1
    : Fry grinded beef with salt and wine in 2 – 3 minutes. Next, add more ketchup and cook more 5 – 7 minutes.

    Step 2: Roast rice with butter and a little salt + pepper.
    Step 3: Pour rice into plate and then add more fried beef in step 1 on face. Small tip: To create one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes more delicious, you can eat with boiled egg which is boiled in vinegar.

    Step 4: Next, heat the oil and fry stirred eggs thinly. Then, cover on rice in step 3.
    Step 5: Making sauce: boil the mixture ketchup with fresh cream with proportion 3:1 until it is cooked.
    Finally, your dish is ready to serve. When eating, pour more sauce on face of food. I bet you will not regret about this decision. The flavor is really spectacular and you will not forget from the first spoon. Hope you will make one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes for your family, especially in breakfast meals. Good Luck for your Cooking and have a good appetite.

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