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    Grilled Pork with Rice Vermicelli (Bún Chả)

    Grilled Pork with Rice Vermicelli (Bún Chả), which is a Traditional Vietnamese Food, is popular in North’s area. I had a chance to taste this amazing dish when I visited Hanoi. And until this time, I still cannot forget its stunning flavor.
    Grilled Pork with Rice Vermicelli (Bún Chả)

    This Traditional Vietnamese Food is usually a ball at the same time two: Pork-pie members and pieces. Spring members are made from lean pork shoulder chopped very fine clay member, tiles mixed with salt, pepper, fish sauce on 35 of protein, sugar, very finely chopped onions, vegetable oil or water and grease. Depending on the freshness of the meat after meat mixed spice if they seem dry add a little oil that meat stick easily when bent into vow-size pieces 2 fingers and press them flat again.
    Grilled Pork with Rice Vermicelli (Bún Chả)1

    If interested in more sophisticated the level of each package is a piece of pork in banana leaves and then grilled, pork pieces will not be more aromatic and burns. Using a shoulder to lean pork dish is a fine choice has strong traditional role as lean meat but no more like ham, pork butt, not soft like this makes the meat finely chopped and then osteopathy, the stronger pieces of pork meat is to use the other part.
    But spring is only three pieces of meat used (she left) sliced pork marinated and similar members and gold on the charcoal grill. Depending on each person's taste, they can call the whole piece of pork or pork bun cha members to eat together. Meat pieces are usually filtered out packaging (skin) to the infamous baked and not hard. If you use too lean meats (pork butt, loin) will not tasty when baked dry and hard because the ball Marinated meat after being classified as oblique or blisters, grilled over charcoal.
    Grilled Pork with Rice Vermicelli (Bún Chả)2

    When cooked meat smell fragrant, and on, for the bowl of fish sauce diluted with a full sweet spices, sour, spicy, with kohlrabi (or green papaya), carrots mixed with vinegar. Finally, you can taste this Traditional Vietnamese Food with vegetables like salad and herbs.
    Come and enjoy this Traditional Vietnamese Food when you visited the capital city. I bet you will not forget its flavor from the first time eating this amazing dish. So, just make sure you do not forget to take note this dish on your journey book before visit our beautiful country. Good Luck for your Travel.
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