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    Grilled Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane (Chạo Tôm)

    Grilled shrimp paste on sugar cane, which has been roughly translated in Traditional Vietnamese Food as Chao tom, was originally created by the ingenious cooks for the imperial kitchen in Hue. Walking along some streets and stopping at one grilled shrimp paste vendor in Hue, Hanoi or Saigon will give you the chance for tasting that amazing dish with unforgettable flavor.
    Is this Traditional Vietnamese Food easy to make?
    Grilled Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane (Chạo Tôm)

    If you have chance to see how Vietnamese people make a good grilled shrimp paste, you will notice that its process is not so difficult or time-consuming. In this article, I will guide you the easiest way to cook this dish.
    Firstly, boil the pork fat, drain and finely dice then, put shrimp, garlic, scallion, egg white, sugar, salt and pepper in a food processor. Do not forget to add pork fat and mix well. Split each section of the sugar cane lengthwise into quarters then oil your fingers. Mold the paste onto the sugar cane; leave about 1 inch each end of the sugar cane exposed to serve as a handle. You can grill over medium charcoal, or broil in the oven until browned or pre-steam until the color turns pink then pan-fry them. Taste and adjust if necessary. It just take a short time to make this dish, so please try it if you have a chance.
    Grilled Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane (Chạo Tôm)1

    Indispensable spices:
    It must be a big mistake if you enjoy this Traditional Vietnamese Food without fish sauce which is considered the most finical one in Vietnam. Chicken broth, tamarind juice, peanut butter are combined in a small sauce pan, stir well and brought to boil over medium heat, adding sugar to taste.
    Now grilled shrimp paste, the Traditional Vietnamese Food, is waiting for you to enjoy. Hurry up looking for this dish after reading this article. How do you think? Curious about this dish? So, take a note on your notebook to do not miss this amazing dish from your journey in our beautiful country and hope you will have an amazing trip ever in here.
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