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    Hai Phong City (Phoenix Flower City)

    Hai Phong City (Phoenix Flower City)
    Hai Phong City is one of Vietnam popular destinations due to it is a central tourism in Northern area. Located on the East Coast, the weather is so warm and each season has a different event and fresh fruit. This place has a potential future to develop tourism due to there are many historian monuments, attraction places and especially Đồ Sơn resorts. Starting at Đồ Sơn, the tourist can visit some islands, national garden Cát Bà and Bái Tử Lọng Bay.
    Cát Cò Oasis: it is isolated place with the crowded and busy Cát Bà city. This beautiful zone is considered as tropical oasis which has been created by two long CátBà 1 and Cát Bà 2 beaches.
    Đồ Sơn Beach: Đồ Sơn beach is divided into three parts. Each part has a long beach and white sand for bathing, mountain and trees. The first part is the longest beach and serves the many services like hotels and restaurants. The second part has a villa where the last Vietnamese King, Bảo Đại, visited.
    The last part has a beautiful pagoda that stayed for a long time, the local people call it is Pagodon. Especially, at the end of the Đồ Sơn beach, there is one gothic building which is called Toà Nhà Vạn Hoa, you could be surprised of its beauty. Another reason which makes this place become one of Vietnam popular destinations, it has an international resort like Hon Dau and casino.
    Hai Phong City (Phoenix Flower City)1
    Elephant Mountain (Núi Voi): this is the first place in Hai Phong which is ranked as national monument. Elephant Mountain (Núi Voi) is also a place where the researchers find out many prehistory men and lives traces.
    One more reason make Hai Phong become one of Vietnam popular destinations is its delicious food. Nem Cua Be, Banh Da Cua and Banh Cuon Nguoi are the food that you never ever forget eating whenever visiting Hai Phong.
    In my opinion, the best time to come one of Vietnam popular destinations like this place is the summer time. This is the time that the phoenix trees bloom their flower and the city are turn to a full of fresh red color. Good Luck for your traveling in my country.
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