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    Most Specific Dishes in Vũng Tàu City (Part 1)

    Vũng Tàu City is well known as one popular destination in Vietnam for not only beautiful seaview, stunny beach and yellow sand but also a food destination for diners. This beach city contains many amazing food which can pull you back and live here as long as you want. The first delicious food I introduce in this article is one of Traditional Vietnamese Food that people cannot miss when come Vũng Tàu. It is Mini Savory Pancakes (Bánh Khọt).
    Most Specific Dishes in Vũng Tàu City (Part 1)

    This Traditional Vietnamese Food has a similar shape with Căn Cakes (Bánh Căn) of Middle people and they are both made from rice flour. However, Căn cakes are put many many styles of food like shrimp, meat, green bean. the miniature fried cake is put only shrimp on the surface cake.
    Most Specific Dishes in Vũng Tàu City (Part 1)1

    One more different thing between two cakes above. The middle people has many sauce to enjoy Căn Cakes like sweet fish sauce, seasoning sauce or broth with peanuts and they usually eat it with herbs. Vũng Tàu citizens just eat this Traditional Vietnamese Food with only sweet sour fish sauce. Before eating, they take one big mustard leaf and one medium cabbage leaf and then put one herb leaf and some small pieces papaya on. Next, put one cake on these leaves and enjoy.
    Most Specific Dishes in Vũng Tàu City (Part 1)2

    Next, there is one Traditional Vietnamese Food that you need to enjoy. It is Shredded Duck Porridge and Salad (Cháo Gỏi Vịt). On Trương Công Định street, you might see restaurants are always croweded. On the rush hour, if you do not order one table first, it is really hard for you to find one empty table.
    Restaurants there have many delicious duck list like shredded duck porridge, fried duck with bamboo shoot, gridded duck or pudding duck. People often come there to just only enjoy shredded duck porridge due to it there is no thing comparing with one hot porridge on the cold weather like Vũng Tàu. It brings a warm feeling to the dinners.
    To discover more info about many specific dishes in Vũng Tàu City, you can follow our next posts.
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