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    Nha Trang Grill Pork Sticks Recipe (Nem Nướng Nha Trang)

    In my country, we have many amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes. Each area, we have many specific dishes with fantastic flavor. Today, I will introduce Nha Trang Grill Pork Sticks (Nem Nướng Nha Trang) which is an amazing dish in beautiful beach city. Beside grilled pork sticks, one important thing to create its flavor is sauce. Serving with vegetables and this sauce will bring you a spectacular feeling which you ever feel before.
    Trust me; when you cannot travel to Vietnam this time, why don’t choose to cook one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes like this one for your family in weekend. Discover the recipe below and let us start cooking right now.
    600g grinded pork
    100g grease pork
    Spices to marinate pork: 3 tablespoons fish sauce, 1 teaspoon salt, 3 tablespoons sugar, ½ teaspoon blooming flour, 1 teaspoon pepper, 2 tablespoons tapioca starch, 2 teaspoon annatto seed oil and purple onion
    Making sauce: 150g prawns, 150g grinded pork, 100g pork liver, ½ bowl sticky rice, ½ bowl soya sauce, salt, sugar, annatto seed oil, purple onion, fish sauce.
    Vegetables: basil leaves, Vietnamese mint herb, mint leaves, cucumber, green star fruit or green banana
    Vermicelli, rice paper, chili, roasted peanut, banana leaves for wrapping rice paper before serving in 2 – 3 hours
    Wood sticks to grill
    Step 1: Clean well pork grease, slice into small cubes.

    Step 2: Marinate grinded pork with all spices you prepared above, use big spoon to mix well until this mixture becomes thick and soft. Cover carefully and put in fridge for 1 night (vegetable drawer).

    Step 3: Next day, add a little on your hands, scoop 1 spoon mixture pork in step 2, wrap it carefully around wood stick. Repeat this step until all pork mixture is done. Bring to grill at 160 degree about 10 – 15 minutes. Sometimes, use small brush to spread a little oil on their faces to make sure they will not be dried after grilled. Here is also the important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes.

    Step 4
    : Clean sticky rice in 2 – 3 times, soak in water for 1 night or about 5 hours. Next, pour into pot, add 1 bowl water, cook until it is soft. Pour into bowl and smash well.

    Step 5: Peel off the cover and black lines on prawns’ backs. Grind quickly. Clean and mince well pork liver.
    Step 6: Heat 3 annatto seed oil, add minced purple onion and fry until it is fragrant. Then, add prawn into pan and fry about 3 – 5 minutes.

    Step 7: Next, add grinded pork, minced liver into pan to fry together. When it is cooked, pour into grinder machine and grind well more once more time.

    Step 8
    : Then, pour more slowly soya sauce into pan. Do not stop stirring when cooking. Season with a little sugar, salt, fish sauce

    Step 9: Cook about 10 – 20 minutes, turn off the heat, pour into clean bowl, add more roasted peanut and chili

    Step 10: Clean all vegetables.

    Step 11
    : Clean cucumber, cut off the seeds and slice thinly.

    Finally, you can serve an amazing dish for your family in weekend. How do you feel? It is really tasty right? For eating, arrange a little vermicelli, vegetables, grilled pork on rice paper, wrap and roll carefully and you can enjoy with the special sauce I showed in step 9. Hope you will satisfy with one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes like this one and Good Luck for your Cooking.
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