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    Pha Lau - Popular Vietnamese Street Food

    Pha Lau, the Best Vietnamese Street Food ever of Young People. A little sweet, a little sourish, a little touch, you can't stop when you start eat it, like an opium addict.
    A hot Pha Lau bowl with a little thick soup, tamarind fish sauces, chilli, breads .. Wow, delicious. Vietnamese gourmets, they won't skip this dish when they have a chance to taste it. It has 2 types of Pha Lau. One from Cow's Intestine and one from Pig's. In English, we can see it in another names as Beef Intestine Stew or Pig Intestine Stew. It just a steet food but no one can control its fascinating. This street food can implicate many generations from children, students, worker to eldely. You can see Pha Lau any where on streets in Vietnam. It is really popular Vietnamese Street Food.
    Pha Lau - Popular Vietnamese Street Food

    The cuisine combination between Vietnam and China from many years, so we can not find any where in the world has a great flavor of food like in Vietnam. Pha Lau includes stomach, small intestine, heart, lung ... from cows, pigs. They are cleaned before cooking. The simple processing is embalm multi flavors, next they are fried and hard boiled. First coconut syrup is the main material of Pha Lau's soup.
    Pha Lau - Popular Vietnamese Street Food1

    Mutual general of Pha Lau stores is the customers sit on the plastic chair, eating and watiching streets. You can choose anything you want to eat. When eating this Vietnaemse Street Food, you will not use fork or chopsticks. Small wood sticks are the best choice for Pha Lau. With muti flavors from sourish, sweet, touch, hot of every single pieace can make your stressful disappear as soon as possible.
    Pha Lau - Popular Vietnamese Street Food2

    Now, Pha Lau appears in restaurants as well. However, as we always suggest, if you want to get reality experiences in Vietnam, and have a good stomach, you can eat on streets, markets such as Ben Thanh Market, Cho Lon ... Its cost around 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND. So cheap and Great. Do not skip this dish if you fall in love with Vietnamese Street Food. Good Luck for your trip.
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