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    Vietnamese Street Food

    Vietnamese Street Food is one of dishes you have to eat when you go to Vietnam. A trip to this country is not complete without tasting the street food. With emigration and globalization, many Vietnamese street food dishes have become popular favorites around the world.
    Vietnamese Street Food

    The iconic Vietnamese Beef Noodles or Pho Bo is perhaps one of the best known dishes and the Vietnamese spring rolls wrapped in rice paper or Cha Gio is another dish that is closely associated with the country. In evenings, if you get hungry, one Street Rice Noodle can feed you up. It includes Rice Noodle, Scrimp, Wonton and vegetable. It just cost from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND. Never better !
    Vietnamese Street Food1

    With Vietnamese ingredients now easily accessible in Chinatowns and supermarkets worldwide, you can prepare these delicious Vietnamese street food recipes in the comfort of your kitchen. When you hang out with friends, you can buy Fried Fish Balls to eat when you walk on streets. It uses with tomato and chilli syrup. There are many mini moving counters on streets buying it. So convenience.
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