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    Pink Heart Cupcake Recipe (Cupcake Trái Tim Hồng)

    Because today is International Women’s Day, I would like to introduce one of Easy Vietnamese Food for all you guys. It is really a special gift for your special women. This dish is Pink Heart Cupcake (Cupcake Trái Tim Hồng). Only 4 steps and you will create amazing cupcakes for them. Why we have to wait more, ready for making right now?

    Create something special for your special women today and I think here is a great way to show how much you love them. When you are ready, please follow our instruction below and let us together start making one of Easy Vietnamese Food right now.


    Chocolate Cupcakes (Buy at Bakery Stores)
    Cream Cheese
    Pink Food Water
    Icing sugar
    Heart Pattern.

    Step 1
    : If you want to create a great flavor for one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes like this one, you can make Chocolate Cupcakes by yourself. Then cut off the heat of them.

    Step 2
    : Put heart pattern on the center of the part is cut off and press gently.

    Step 3
    : Let cream cheese melt naturally and stir well. Next, mix it with some pink food drops and spread on face of cupcakes.

    Step 4
    : Filter icing sugar on face of part is cut off and cover again on cupcake face.

    Finally, your dish is already to gift. Enjoy these cupcakes with strawberry milk can make your special women day more perfect and lovely. Wait no more and you guys should start for making one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes right now because today is the special day. Good Luck for your cooking.

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