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    Steamed Rice Cakes with Shrimp and Pork Rinds Recipe (Bánh Bèo)

    Hi everyone, today I will introduce to you one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes, it is Steamed Rice Cakes with Shrimp and Pork Rinds Recipe (Bánh Bèo với Tôm Khô và Thịt Xay). As you may know, this dish is the most popular dish of Hue city where is also known as an ancient city in Vietnam. With the entire simple ingredient, you will have a wonderful and preferred dish for your family on the weekend.

    Today, from many requests from who noticed Hue’s food, I will show the basic way to create one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes to you. Please follow these ingredients and steps carefully.


    * The Steamed Rice Cakes:
    - 200g rice flour
    - 20g wheat flour
    - 500ml water.
    => Mix all the ingredients with each other. Wait 3 - 4 hours. Before steaming, add salt into flour, stirring well.

    * Shrimp filling: This step is really important to create one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes more delicious.
    - 150g Minced meat
    - 50g Shrimp
    - Fish Sauce, pepper
    - Scallions, finely chopped.
    => Grind shrimps. Next, mix it with meat which seasoned with fish sauce and pepper. Add shrimp and pork to the pan, and roast until they become dry. Turn off the heat.

    => Then, use another pan, fry scallions with a little oil to add on face of cakes.


    - Prepare many small bowls and 1 large steamer contains boiling water.
    - Pour the flour and the small cup to the back of the cup (not overfilled). Place in steamer for 5 minutes is cooked.
    (If there are not many dishes after cooked using  thin knife to get the cake out of the bowl and put on plate. Again pour flour on the cup and put into the steamer).

     - Add the filling at the center of each cake.

    * Dipping Sauce: Mix sauce contains fish sauce + water + lemon juice + sugar + chillies. Taste dipping sauce with sour and sweet taste. Moreover, you can see the recipe for making this sauce at Dipping Fish Sauce

    Finally, you finished one of delicious Vietnamese Food Recipes. Lay all the cake you cooked already into big plate. Using when it is hot with dipping sauce will give you a strong flavor in mouth which you can not forget. Good Luck for your Cooking, and do not miss our next post tomorrow.
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