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    Fried rice with Shredded Pork (Com Chay Cha Bong)

    Besides some sweet dishes, I have a few snacks for expatriates. So, today I will introduce one of interesting Vietnamese Food Recipes to you. It is Fried rice with Shredded Pork (Com Chay Cha Bong). Are you excited? It is really amazing when eating in rainy days. This dish is my first choice in those days. Moreover, you can use the boiled rice which you cooked yesterday for making it. It is not waste, right?

    So, are you ready for cooking this stunning dish? There are 4 steps for you to cook one of stunning Vietnamese Street Food, follow our instructions below now.

    - 200gr steamed rice (slightly dry)
    - A bunch of scallions
    - 100g dried shrimp
    - 4 dried onions
    - Shredded pork (You can buy in any Vietnamese Restaurant)
    - Garlic, fish sauce, pepper, spices, cooking oil.


    Step 1: Fish sauce: make a pan of hot oil. Add a few minced garlic until fragrant. Add fish sauce, sugar, a little bit MSG, consistency, taste sweet and salty, take it down, and poured into a bowl to cool. With many Vietnamese Food Recipes, here is the important step to create any dish.
    Step 2:
    - Scallion: chopped, add into the cup or bowl. When the pan is hot oil, pour oil into the bowl, mix well.
    - Dried shrimp soaked in water until soft, take out and drain them, put into a blender puree. Pan heat, add little oil, a few cloves of minced garlic, when garlic scented yellow, and add dried shrimp on it, seasoning to suit your taste. Then add pork pemmican on it, fried them together until it is fragrant.

    Step 3:
    - Dried onions: peeled, sliced, fried until gold.
    - Hot pan, pressed rice in Brass or mold, thin as a knuckles and then add rice and fried until gold. Next, put out to dry, add fish sauce, and sprinkle dried shrimp and shredded pork, fried scallions and onions.

    Finally, your dish is ready to serve. Lay them on plate, if you can eat spicy, you can add pepper pr chili sauce on it. It is more delicious when use this amazing dish with your friends. So, how is it? Easy, right? Have a good appetite, and do not miss our recipes tomorrow. Good luck for your cooking and do not miss our next stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes soon.
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