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    Steamed Soft-shell Turtle with Ginger (Ba Ba Hấp Gừng)

    Steamed Soft-shell Turtle with Ginger (Ba Ba Hấp Gừng) has been recognized as a meal for recent years, but it quickly becomes one of Traditional Vietnamese Food and attracts a big number of diners around Vietnam. When you visit here, especially Hanoi Capital, make sure you will not miss them.
    Steamed Soft-shell Turtle with Ginger (Ba Ba Hấp Gừng)

    Soft-shell turtle’s meat is delicious and now they are feed in the big number for getting meat purpose. According to some medicine book in Vietnam, the soft-shell turtle’s meat can enrich the people’s blood, reducing the hot temperature in human’s body, good for kidney and increase the power and energy for man.
    Like many other Traditional Vietnamese Food, this dish requires to have a fresh ingredients to create a stunning dish. Soft-shell turtles usually live in the bottom of the lake, river, and marches, they eat a lot, but they hardly grow up. They are so aggressive in the water, but they scare the big sound and hide in deep water when hearing it. Soft-shell turtles are well- known as a delicious ingredient for cooking, there are some popular meal which make from soft-shell turtles such as soft-shell turtles cooking with banana, grilled soft-shell turtles. In recent years, however, there is new one style of cooking which is steamed soft-shell turtle with ginger which was created by Chí Phương chef.
    Steamed Soft-shell Turtle with Ginger (Ba Ba Hấp Gừng)1

    To make this Traditional Vietnamese Food, you firstly collect one turtles which weight around 800g-1000g, the big one is hard for eating and the small one is not good for eating. After cleaning the turtles, cut it into small pieces and add the ingredients. Next, boiled one hot water, adding the salt, fish sauce and especially ginger which is sliced into small pieces and wine. After boiled the turtles into the hot water 20 minutes, take it out the pot and add some ginger to it. Now, you can enjoy this dish.
    The best way to eat this Traditional Vietnamese Food is choosing the turtles which have the eggs inside. The soft-shell turtles usually reproduce in the spring season, so it is the good time for enjoying it. Hope you have a great trip with your friends and family in our country.
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