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    Thụt Soup of Mnong, Dak Lak (Canh Thụt)

    Whenever mention to the food culture of Mnong tribe, people often thinks about the frequent food like: Lam rice, grilled chicken, etc. However, there is one Best Vietnamese Food that only tribal residents and litter people know it. It is Thụt Soup (Canh Thụt). In the story of elders there, this food has a long history. In the past, people went to the jungle to hunt and they enjoyed the lunch on the forest too. To save time, they put the rice and food into the bamboo pipe. It is really convenience and the food has not only delicious but also sweetly.
    Thụt Soup of Mnong, Dak Lak (Canh Thụt)

    Nowadays, on the festival time, the Mnong lady has to go the forest to find the ingredient to make this Best Vietnamese Food. In some place, people prepare already all of these ingredients for buyers. There are at least 10 ingredients in this best Vietnamese food: dried beef skin, spring leaf, bitter aubergine, chili…
    Firstly, dried beef skin is grilled till it is soft and then the bamboo pipe is cut. Next, put all ingredients into the bamboo pipe to boil. People now use the metal pine instead of bamboo pipe to boil due to they can reuse it after cooking.
    Thụt Soup of Mnong, Dak Lak (Canh Thụt)1

    Enjoying this Best Vietnamese Food, visitors will be able to feel the taste and special flavor of Tây Nguyên. It not only the way to understand the Tây Nguyên culture but also the art of food.
    In reality, I have not had chance to enjoy this Best Vietnamese Food. I am told by one old friend who usually visits Tây Nguyên. He said that this simple food has one strong magic that attract the diners long time even they eat it once time and leave it for 2,3 years. 
    Thụt Soup of Mnong, Dak Lak (Canh Thụt)2

    To sum up, when you have a chance to visit Vietnam and still have enough time plus money, i think you should visit this place to enjoy Thụt soup and discover the culture of people right here. You will not regret about your decision. Hope you satisfy with this post and Good Luck to your trip.
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