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    Huỳnh Đế Crab in Phú Yên Province (Cua Huỳnh Đế)

    Today I would like to introduce the Best Vietnamese Food that is well known in Phú Yên Province. One food that only rich people can eat it due to it is really expensive. It is Huỳnh Đế Crab (Cua Huỳnh Đế). It has pinky red when it is boiled. It looks so attractive.
    Huỳnh Đế Crab in Phú Yên Province (Cua Huỳnh Đế)

    The roof of crab has apple shape and their legs are shorter than other crabs. Especially, there is one different things is that their heads are quite long and having more horn than usual. Huỳnh Đế Crab is caught every day; the best quality of this crab is around the middle of December. This crab is bigger and has more meat, protein and more delicious than usual.
    Huỳnh Đế Crab in Phú Yên Province (Cua Huỳnh Đế)1

    This crab meat is really delicious when you catch it from the ocean and then boiling or steaming it. However, the local residents like crab porridge most. The cooking of this Best Vietnamese Food is quite easy, cleaning it firstly and then put it into the hot pot. When it is boiled, you take the roof of it away and then using the spoon to collect the meat inside.
    Huỳnh Đế Crab in Phú Yên Province (Cua Huỳnh Đế)2

    Do not forget taking the meat in their legs and then add some ingredients like peppers and chili together. Next, you grill the garlic and onion and the meat of crab later. When the porridge is boiled, put the meat of crab into it and then boil in some minutes. The Huỳnh Đế Crab porridge has one distinguish smell that easily recognized.
    Huỳnh Đế Crab in Phú Yên Province (Cua Huỳnh Đế)3

    This crab porridge is really good for health, especially for the pregnant women and children. So, men usually buy it for their families to show their love. One more time, I remind you that do not forget this Best Vietnamese Food when visiting Phú Yên Province.    
    To sum up, if you are a gourmet about seafood, you should not miss this Best Vietnamese Food when visit this province in Vietnam. I bet you will not forget its flavor from the first time of tasting. My international friends always talk about this food when they back their own countries. And they told me that they are waiting for the day back to Vietnam for eating it again. Hope you have a happy and interesting trip with family and friends.
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