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    Vietnamese Crab Rice Spaghetti Soup Recipe (Banh Canh Cua)

    In cold weather, one hot soup bowl will make you feel warm inside to outside. From many Vietnamese Food recipes, today I will tell you one of my best favor dishes. It is Crab Rice Spaghetti Soup. It contains many flavors on one dish as hot, spicy and sweet. Here is ingredient you should follow.

    300gr crab meat
    100gr grinded pork + 3 egg yolks (optional)
    500gr pork bones
    100gr shallot, cilantro, spring onion, and 1 onion
    Lemon fruit, chili, white radish
    200gr Vietnamese mushroom, 1 tblsp corn starch
    1,5kg rice spaghetti (Banh canh)
    50gr annatto seeds
    Seasoning: Pepper, salt, sugar, monosodium, fish sauce, vegetable oil.
    *** Prepare:

    Crab meat: Check carefully, do not miss any bones. Add 2 tblsp vegetable oil + pepper + monosodium + 2 tblsp annatto seeds into crab meat and mix them together. With most Vietnamese Food recipes which use crab meat, this step is most important before cooking. Moreover, you can add more meat pork and egg yolds to mix with crab meat. This is my suggestion. 

    Mushroom: Chop off the roots; soak into cold water with 1 tsp corn starch about 10 minutes. Then clean again with cold water and fry about 3 minutes.
    Cilantro + Spring Onion: slice them to small pieces.
    Onion: Peel off the cover and slice into circle shape and thin pieces.
    Pork bones: Chop off to medium pieces, clean with cold water and a little salt. Then let them out and wait to dry.
    White radish: peel off the cover, cut into small pieces about 5 cm, then cut quarter for each piece.
    Shallot: slice small and dry till its color turns yellow.
    Lemon, chili: slice them.
    Rice spaghetti: soak in hot water about 5 minutes, then let them out and wait to dry.

    *** Making broth

    Step 1: Boil 3 liters water, then add pork bones + white radish into pot with small heat. As I told you, most Vietnamese Food recipes when cooking broth, do not cover pot. It can make broth soup becomes blur, will not delicious anymore. Cook about 60 minutes.

    Step 2: When bones become soft, filter broth to throw away small bones which can stunk in your throat when eating. Then, cook broth again, season salt + sugar + monosodium + fish sauce to suit with your taste.
    Finally, you finish one of stunning Vietnamese Food recipes from me. Put a little rice spaghetti into bowl, add crab meat + mushroom + cilantro + spring onion + onion + dried shallot. Then, scoop 2 tblsp broth into bowl. Using when it is hot and you will not regret when choosing this dish to cook for your family and friends. Good Luck to you.

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