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    Vietnamese Goat Hotpot

    One of amazing Vietnamese Street Food is Hot Pot. It is always a main dish of Vietnamese family meals. We love eating hot pot, especially in the winter. It is so warm and happy when every family member sits around the hot pot to eat and talk with others.
    Vietnamese Goat Hotpot

    In the big number of hot pot in Vietnam, Goat hot pot is well known as a famous due to its nutritious value and appetizing flavor. You can quickly see the Goat hot pot restaurants on the streets from North to South in Vietnam.
    Vietnamese Goat Hotpot 1

    You might think that why one of famous hot pot likes Goat hot pot belongs to Vietnamese Street Food. The reason is Goat hot pot is usually sold with a reliable price and people like eating it the crowed atmosphere. So it attracts the big number of all type of citizens in the city.
    Vietnamese Goat Hotpot 2

    However, making this Vietnamese Street Food is not easy. The chef has to force the goat drinking the wine to let their smell reducing. Then the goat will be burnt on the fire until well-done and pungent. Next, the bone and meat are separated and aromatized with a lot of flavoring spices before cooking it with medicine herbs in half of day. The bone is main element make the sweet and flavoring for the broth.
     After that, all the meats are put on the clay pot with the broth on the coal cooker. Little by little, various veggie including fresh cabbage, water morning glory, carrot, celery and tofu are added into the boiling clay pot.
    Vietnamese Goat Hotpot 3

    When foods are tender and imbued with sweet flavor of stock, it is time for enjoying the hot pot. Try using the special sauce of Vietnam which is called “Chao”. The sauce is made by soy bean. It makes the goat meat more delicious. Instead of “Chao”, the northern people use “Tuong” as sauce; it is well yummy as “Chao”.
    To sum up, each restaurant in my country has different recipes for spices, herbs and sauces. But all of them will bring a same flavor and you will not forget it. Hope you can enjoy all types of this wonderful Vietnamese Street Food. And have an amazing trip with friends and family.
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