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    Vietnamese Mini Savory Pancakes Recipe (Bánh Khọt)

    One of most popular dishes from Southern Area, Vietnam is Vietnamese Mini Savory Pancakes (Bánh Khọt). They usually eat these pancakes with vegetables and sweet and sour sauce. If you love food, I think you should not miss a chance to cook and eat one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes with us. The preparation for cooking this dish is not difficult. However, it is required much time for making.

    To create one of delicious Vietnamese Food Recipes like this dish, all fresh ingredients are required such as fresh shrimps and vegetables. The sauce is also important to create the flavor for this dish. When you are ready to practice this dish, please follow our instructions below carefully and let us start cooking right now.
    1 bowl rice flour
    2 bowls coconut milk
    ½ teaspoon saffron flour
    ½ teaspoon Maggi’s stuff
    10 fresh shrimps (boiled and cut in half if they are big)
    100gr pork meat (use half lean half fat part) – cleaned, boiled and sliced small
    50gr mung bean – no cover (soaked, steamed and grinded)
    100gr dried shrimp (grinded well)
    1 bowl sliced spring onion + oil mixture, cooked in microwave in 30 seconds
    Dipping Sauce
    Vegetables: salad, basil, bean sprout, lettuce… and any herb you love.
    Bánh Khọt mould – Buy at Vietnamese Markets.

    Step 1: Mix all rice flour + coconut milk + saffron flour and Maggi’s stuff together. Wait in 15 minutes.
    Step 2: Put Bánh Khọt Mould on cooking stove. Spread oil on mould. It is more delicious when you use pork grease. When mould is hot, scoop one by one spoon and pour into mould. Here is the first step to create one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes for your family on weekends.

    Step 3: When the cover is brown yellow and crispy, add filling on face. The filling includes: shrimps, pork meat, mung bean, a little dried shrimp and sliced spring onion + oil mixture.

    Step 4: Use small and flat spoon to take the pancakes out. Put on plate.

    Step 5: Making the Dipping Sauce. Add more sliced carot and white radish which soaked in salt and vinegar sauce after finished Dipping Sauce. With this step, it will create a specific flavor for this sauce.                            

    Finally, your dish is basically finished. Serving with vegetables and dipping sauce is a great decision. Eating when it is hot will create an amazing flavor in your mouth. We hope with this dish, you can find the way to change the boring daily meal for your family. Tell us the result after cooking one of spectacular Vietnamese Food Recipes like this one. Good Luck for your Cooking.

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