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    Vietnamese Octopus Tooth (Rang Muc)

    Octopus tooth are tiny round circle on the top level of the octopus. In the past, people thought them are eyes or mouth of octopus and they threw them away when making the octopus. However, it now becomes a popular Traditional Vietnamese Food due to the Phan Thiet’s citizens love eating them, they eat them everywhere and every time. Travel to Phan Thiet, the customers will be curious and interest on this meal.
    You may enjoy the variable of making octopus like grilled, roasted or fried octopus. However, the most impression is making meal from the octopus tooth like grilled with chili paste or chili salt.
    Vietnamese Octopus Tooth (Rang Muc)

    Before cooking the octopus tooth, two tiny brown horn of octopus tooth are taken away and then they are added by many ingredients like chili, pepper or satay. Now you can grilled them on the hot coal, when the white of tooth turn to yellow and having a tasty smell, it is time for eating it. You can eat them with herbs, chili sauce. The crispy crunchy of octopus tooth, the hot of chili and satay, the tasty smell of the fish sauce are mixed together will make the customers interesting and cannot stop eating them. The tasty of octopus tooth depend on the ingredient which added onto them. Therefore, you need to consider before deciding which restaurants provide better this Traditional Vietnamese Food. In my opinion, you should choose the one who has the crowded customers.
    Vietnamese Octopus Tooth (Rang Muc)1

    If you cannot visit Phan Thiet, you can enjoy this Traditional Vietnamese Food in Ho Chi Minh City. Some restaurants in Bình Thạnh district are providing this meal, the price is reasonable acceptable for everyone. So, are you ready for your trip now? Do not miss this meal for one day visiting Phan Thiet if you have a chance.
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