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    Vietnamese Steamed Rice Pancake Rolls (Banh Cuon)

    Another dish I fall in love from many stunning Vietnamese Food recipes is Steamed Rice Pancake Rolls (Banh Cuon). This dish is made from rice starch and maybe grinded pork. Moreover there are two types of this dish. In South Area, Vietnamese people use only rice pancake rolls, they do not use grinded pork is stuffing of pancakes. However, its process is completely opposite with North Area, Vietnam.

    Today, I will show you the way to cook this dish like North People does. Follow our ingredients and process carefully before creating one of Stunning Vietnamese Food recipes.

    *** For Rice Pancake:
    200gr Rice Starch
    500gr Tapioca Starch
    Cold Water.
    *** For Stuffing:
    200gr pork meat
    200gr shrimps
    Onion, Spring Onion, 2 Black Funguses
    50gr sliced shallot.
    300gr Vietnamese Ham
    50gr Ca Cuong (Giant Water Bugs) (Optional)
    Lemon, Chili, Fish Sauce, Sugar
    Asia basil, Bean Sprout, basil.

    *** For Stuffing

    Step 1: Clean pork and shrimps. Peel of the cover of shrimps. Then, grind both of them and marinate a little salt, pepper, sugar, sliced onion, spring onion and black funguses.
    Step 2: Boil oil, add pork and mixture above into pan, fry about 5 minutes. Use another pan, boil oil and add sliced shallot into, fry until its color turns yellow.

    *** For Rice Pancake
    Step 3: Mix Rice Starch + Tapioca Starch + 1liter cold water together. Stir until it becomes smooth.
    Step 4: Steam Rice Pancake: Use small heat, put pan on stove, waiting until get hot, scoop 1 medium spoon mixture above and pour into pan, spread around pan to make it thin, cover pan about 30 seconds. Then, add a little stuffing in the middle of rice pancake and roll in like Vietnamese Spring Roll. This step is really important to create amazing dish from many Vietnamese Food recipes.

    *** Continue to make other rice pancake rolls like above. I suggest you should use a little oil before making rice pancake rolls.
    Step 5: Slice Vietnamese Ham and Ca Cuong (Giant Water Bugs).

    Finally, you can serve this dish for your family and friends to enjoy. My tip is using this dish with Ca Cuong (Giant Water Bugs), Vietnamese Ham and Dipping Fish Sauce (You can see the process at Vietnamese Dipping Sauce). I hope you will love this recipe from us. Next posts, I definitely show more stunning Vietnamese Food recipes for you. Good Luck for cooking.

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