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Best Vietnam Tours 2022 - 2023
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    Dalat City - City of Flower

    Dalat City - City of Flower
    Dalat City - City of Flower - Photo by Liem Nguyen (Da Lat Local guide)
    Da Lat city is seen as one of Vietnam popular destinations due to the dreamy and romantic of night highlands, morning fog and patches of pine forest surrounding the city. In 1899, General Governor of Indochina, Paul Doumer, asked DrYersin to look for an area that has climate and weather similar with European’s climate to build a resort for senior officers. DrYerkin suggested Langbiang plateau for General Governor. After that, the Langbiang plateau changed its name becoming Da Lat city. However, most Vietnamese people call it as a city of flower and the French sees it as another Paris.

    Monastery and pagoda

    Truc Lam monastery is the biggest monastery in Vietnam. It located nearly Tuyen Lam Lake and connects with central city by cable table
    Linh Phuoc pagoda or recycled pagoda where has a dragon statue been made by 12,000 pieces of recycled cans and porcelain. And it is the first pagoda at Da Lat city.


    The main church in Da Lat City is the Chicken church. The name of the church comes from the cock statue on the top of roof of the church which represent for Pedro Stain. The city also has some churches which are designed following the French architecture.

    Cù Hill

    Cù Hill is located in the center of the city. After 1942,anEnglish architecture designed this hill becoming a golf course with 9 spot, and it is now upgrade to 18 spot for tourists.

    Love Valley

    Love valley is the most beautiful scene of the flower city. This is the final choice for every lover when they come to the city. It is the place of arbor, pine and lake staying together. If the visitors go through some shortcut ways and step up hundred ladders, they can see the overview of the scene of the love valley.

    At the end, for the long time Da Lat is considered as one of Vietnam popular destinations. The tourists should come here to enjoy the natural scenery and the fresh air that cannot find out in anywhere of Vietnam. Hope you have an amazing trip in our beatiful country.

    Love Valley - Photo by Liem Nguyen (Da Lat Local guide)
    Love Valley - Photo by Liem Nguyen (Da Lat Local guide)
    Xuan Huong Lake

    Most visitors consider this lake is one of the most Vietnamese popular destinations whenever they come to the city. This destination is the place where the national bicycle race is always celebrated every year.

    Suoi Vang Lake

    It is the biggest lake in the city and it has a role that provide fresh water for all city.

    Flower Park of Da Lat

    This park brings the name city of flower to Da Lat. Here, the visitors can see and buy the several of flowers which is taken carefully by many artists. Each year, the flower festival is opened which attracting a big number of tourists coming here. We strongly suggest that visitors should come here at the flower festival due to they can see not only the beauty of many flowers but also explore some unique flowers.

    The Peak of Langbiang

    It is the top of the plateau. This destination had a love story of two lovers. They go across the strict rites and culture to love each other. Someone said that their love’s story is beautiful as love story of Romeo and Juliet. If you have a chance to visit one of Vietnam popular destinations, do not forget to visit this place.


    Cam Ly waterfall: this waterfall is not nice as others; however it is near the center city. So tourists usually come here to take photographs.
    Pren waterfall: even a waterfall, it brings a mellow and charming sounds and image for visitors. The waterfall drops the water softly to a small lake which is surrounded by many arbor hills.
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