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Best Vietnam Tours 2022 - 2023
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    Vung Tau Beach, Vietnam

    Vung Tau Beach is one of Vietnam popular destinations in Southern Vietnam. The population is around 300,000. The city area is nearly 140 km2 including 13 urban wards and one commune of Long Son Islet. It was the capital of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province from the founding of the province and was replaced by Ba Ria from May 2, 2012 and is the crude oil extraction center in Vietnam. This place is a frequently choice of citizens, especially Bien Hoa ,Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh citizens.
    If this is the first time you come there, we would like to introduce one tourist resort located nearly on the corner of Nguyen An Ninh- Thuy Van approximately 1km. It is Bien Dong resort located at 8 Thuy Van. This is a beautiful, amenities resort located close to the coast with a length of 800m and is divided into 9 ports. Beside bathing on the clean, beautiful, safe beach and not disturbed by street vendors and beggars, tourists can enjoy many attraction activities such as parasailing 120,000VND per game in 5 minutes , pontoon boat pulling a tube 45,000VND per game in 5 minutes, motorboat 100,000VND per game.

    Moreover, this place also held many amazing festivals as international competition flying kites. Many color kites appear on the sky which create a spectacular picture of nature. When Vung Tau help any festival, many people will come to this place more than usual. Therefore, we suggest you should book hotel as soon as possible. Most Vietnam popular destionations always have a highest amount of visitors, especially in festivals.

    One more thing that turn this beach becomming one of Vietnam popular destinations is the tour to KitoVua Statue ( Tuong Chúa Giang Tay). The statue here was designed having some common with Jesus Christ in Brazil. The tour may be long and exhausted if you do not have good health. If you come to at the top the mountain, however, you can have a chance to climb up the statue and see all the view of the city. It is so fantastic and could not describe by words, the tourists have to enjoy it by themselves.

    This place also provide many interesting areas if the visitors have long day to travel. Have you ever heard about dog race anytime? If not, you can enjoy this race at Vung Tau City. This race is extremely exciting.

    In addition, Vung Tau city does not become one of Vietnam popular destinations because of only these activities above; they are popular due to they have many unique, special and delicious food in Southern Vietnam such as grilled octopus with chili sauce, Vietnamese crepe or hot rays pot. Hope you will have an amazing trip at our country.
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