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    Fried Razor Shell with Chili Powder (Ốc Móng Tay Xào Cay)

    There are many delicious Easy Vietnamese Recipes. One of them is Fried Razor Shell with Chili Powder (Ốc Móng Tay Xào Cay).  Simple stir-fries served with salt pepper and lemon. I usually use this dish with my friends when we hang out. Eating when it is still hot will bring an amazing flavor in your mouth. Trust me, you will not regret about your choice. 

    Winter is coming, enjoy some food which make you feel warm inside is a good choice. Many my friends asked me how to cook this dish many times, so I decide to show the recipe now. Let us cook one of amazing Easy Vietnamese Recipes now.

    - 500g razor shell
    - A few cloves of garlic, chopped
    - 1 large peppers, chopped
    - 1 tablespoon fish sauce
    - 2 teaspoons sugar
    - 2 teaspoons chili sauce
    - 1 tablespoon oil
    - Vietnamese mint, chopped.

    Step 1: Boil a pot of boiling water, add snails into the pot and then pour boiling water on it, stir over again until snails open, then pour them out to dry. Removed a side cover, hold a side of the shell is attached with snail.

    Step 2
    : With one of stunning Easy Vietnamese Recipes, this step is the most important one for cooking this dish more delicious. Heat oil in large pan; add garlic, chilies to become fragrant. Add fish sauce, sugar, chili sauce, stirring well. Then add raw shell on it, stir but gentle to prevent snails fall out of the shell.

    Step 3: Stir fry about 4-5 minutes for the raw shell marinated spices and the mixture is thick.

    Step 4
    : Sprinkle Vietnamese mint and then take them out of the kitchen.
    Finally, you can serve this dish for your friends and family. use when it is hot will bring you a better flavor. Now, a stunning flavor is waiting for you, I bet your friends and family will love to eat this amazing dish. More delicious Easy Vietnamese Recipes are on next posts. Have a good appetite, and a great with your family and this stunning dish.

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