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    Fried Shrimps with Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe (Tôm Rán Sốt Chua Ngọt)

    Another dish uses the same sauce today is Fried Shrimps with Sweet and Sour Sauce (Tôm Rán Sốt Chua Ngọt) from many stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes. With this sauce, it can make you feel a good appetite. Moreover, you can eating this dish with boiled rice in cold days, its feeling is really amazing. Winter is still around here, make sure you can create many suitable dishes for your beloved family.

    And now, are you ready to cook one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes? It is not difficult for cooking. With a little cooking skills, I think you all can make it delicious. If you do want, please follow our instruction below carefully.
    270gr fresh shrimp
    1 white part of egg
    100gr potato starch
    140ml water
    40ml vegetable oil
    60ml ketchup
    30gr sugar + 10ml white wine + 100ml water + 10gr chili sauce
    10gr corn starch + 20ml water
    Ginger, garlic, spring onion.
    Step 1: Mix potato starch with water together and put it into fridge about 2 hours (the vegetable drawer). You can wait for 1 night if you want.

    Step 2: Clean shrimps, peel off the cover, pull out the black lines on the backs of shrimps.
    Step 3: Take the mixture (in step 1) out of fridge, pour away the water above of mixture. Then, mix the flour part with white part of egg and oil. Here is the main important step to make the cover one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes fore crispy and delicious.

    Step 4: Next, put shrimps into mixture (in step 3), mix well. Make sure flour is covered around shrimps.

    Step 5: Add 2 – 3 tablespoons oil into pan, wait to hot. Next, add shrimps into pan and fry with large heat until they all turn yellow.

    Step 6: Mix ketchup + chili sauce + white wine + water + sugar + salt together, stir well.

    Step 7: Add minced ginger and garlic into pan and fry with hot oil until they are fragrant. Next, pour mixture (in step 6) and cook about 1 minute.

    Step 8: Then, you pour fried shrimps (in step 5) into this mixture as well and fry quickly about 2 minutes. Next, pour mixture of corn starch with water and cook more 1 minute before adding sliced spring onion and turn off the heat.

    Finally, you finished one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes for your beloved family. Eating with boiled rice in cold days is a good choice. I hope you love this dish. Good Luck for your Cooking and Happy Holidays. Only 1 day left, let us together count down to celebrate New Year 2013.
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