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    Fried Sweet Potato with Sesame Recipe (Khoai Lang Chiên Tẩm Vừng)

    Recent days, Fried Sweet Potato with Sesame (Khoai Lang Chiên Tẩm Vừng) becomes more popular on streets. Its flavor is delicious as french fries, however, fried sweet potato is more suitable with Vietnamese people. Winter is coming soon, and enjoy one of delicious Vietnamese Food Recipes like this dish on these days is perfect. It can become a snack for your kids, I bet they will love it.

    So, are you ready to create one of popular Vietnamese Food Recipes now? Even you still have not a chance to visit our country, you can cook it at your sweet home. With basic and easy steps I bet you can cook. If you are ready, please follow our instructions below carefully.

    4 – 5 big sweet potatoes (500gr)
    30ml honey
    10gr corn flour/ tapioca flour
    Vegetable oil
    Roasted sesame.

    Step 1: Peel off the cover of sweet potatoes, clean. Next, slice it into long and thin pieces. In this process, when you slice potatoes, soak them into water added a little salt to make sure they will not be turned purple or black. And here is the important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes.
    Step 2: Next, pour water out, wait to dry. Mix tapioca flour + ½ tablespoon water together, stir well. Soak sliced sweet potatoes into this mixture. With this step, it can help sweet potatoes are more crispy after frying.
    Step 3: Put pan on cooking stove, add 2 tablespoons oil and wait to hot with small heat. Next, pour sliced sweet potatoes into pan, and fry until they turn yellow. 

    Step 4: Gently mix fried sweet potatoes with honey together. Then, sprinkle roasted sesame on face.
    Finally, you finished one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes. Using when it is hot is more delicious. You can use with butter added a little sugar. Here is the most popular way when eating of young Vietnamese people. If you love food, you should discover any new ways in eating of people around the world. Hope you like it and Good Luck for your Cooking.
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