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    Green Tea Latte Recipe (Latte Trà Xanh)

    From 2 easy steps and you can create one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes from our instruction. This dessert is called Green Tea Latte (Latte Trà Xanh) which is really suitable for these days on Tết holiday.

    Are you a gourmet with green tea? If you say Yes, make sure you will not miss one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes like this. Now, let us start making it now.


    1 teaspoon green tea powder (5g)
    20ml hot water
    400ml fresh milk

    Step 1
    : Mix green tea powder with hot water, stir well until it is smooth and soft.

    Step 2
    : Pour fresh milk into pot, add more sugar (depend on your flavor), cook with small heat until it starts boiling. Use whisk to stir firmly until balloons appear on top.

    Step 3: Pour milk into mixture green tea in step 1, sprinkle a little green tea powder on top to decorate.

    Finally, you already finished one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes. Serving when it is hot is more delicious, especially in cold days. Do you agree with me? Good luck for your cooking and have a happy Tet holiday.
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