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    Pumpkin Bun Recipe (Bánh Bao Bí Đỏ)

    Are you wondering how to make Pumpkin Bun (Bánh Bao Bí Đỏ) which comes from one of amazing Easy Vietnamese Recipes? 

    Beside of the traditional cooking buns, today I would like to introduce a new way for processing and eating them. That is when you mix it when pumpkin. It is more delicious and healthier. With this dish, it can be a great breakfast for all members in your family. Serving with hot milk is my favorite choice. Moreover, it is really easy for cooking, trust me. You will be surprised. So, are you ready to discover the way to process one of stunning Easy Vietnamese Recipes like this one with me? Let us start right now, ok?

    50g pumpkin
    400g wheat flour
    8g blooming yeast
    30g sugar
    200ml warm water
    Black beans.

    Step 1
    : Peel off the cover of pumpkin; bring to steam and grind well.
    Step 2: Mix it with wheat flour; blooming yeast, warm water and sugar (depend on your flavor). Cover in towel in 1 – 2 hours. Here is the important step how to make one of stunning Easy Vietnamese Recipes. Separate into 6 equal parts.
    Step 3: Knead 2 parts into 1 oval shape. Roll left parts into long pieces. Put all long pieces on center of oval shape, wrap 2 edges and stick to its legs.
    Step 4: Put 2 black beans into oval shapes and decorate legs until it looks like crab, bring to steam.

    Finally, you just finished one of amazing Easy Vietnamese Recipes from us. With these buns, I suggest you should eat when it is hot. If you store in fridge, before eating, put them in microwave few minutes. Hope you satisfy with this recipe and if you still have question about how to cook pumpkin buns (bánh bao bí đỏ), feel free to leave a message to ask me. Good luck for your cooking and have a great weekend.

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