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    Roasted Boneless Lamb Shoulder Roll (Thịt Cừu Quay Cuộn Tròn)

    One of my favorite food is roasted meat or seafood! I have always wanted to roast a lamb roll, boneless lamb shoulder roll to be exact, and last Sunday was the perfect opportunity for me to try this out. The boneless lamb shoulder roll was lying in the freezer and begging for a change in temperature from the freezing compartment to the oven which was just sitting across the kitchen. This Best Vietnamese Food is one great choice for Christmas Day as well.
    Roasted Boneless Lamb Shoulder Roll (Thịt Cừu Quay Cuộn Tròn)

    It was an easy roast and I complimented the meal with baked potatoes and carrots. On the table were fresh garden salad, 3 varieties of pasta, mushroom pasta sauce and juicy jumbo sausages. Dessert came in the form of ice Kacang and chocolate marble cheesecake. There were 9 adults and we were literally stuffed that night. So we love this Best Vietnamese Food too much, it is the reason we sit together.
    Roasted Boneless Lamb Shoulder Roll (Thịt Cừu Quay Cuộn Tròn)1

    But the highlight for me that night was the lamb. It was my maiden roast and it turned out all right. Ingredients are simple and this is definitely something which a novice can try. I will not say it is an original recipe of mine as I got some ideas here and there and there are thousands of such recipes on the net. But it is definitely a tried, tested and given the thumbs-up recipe.
    Roasted Boneless Lamb Shoulder Roll (Thịt Cừu Quay Cuộn Tròn)2

    Pat dries the lamb roll. Marinate all over the lamb and leave overnight in the fridge. Ensure that lamb is brought to room temperature prior to roasting. Heat the oven to 180°. Place lamb on rack in the middle of the oven with a tray to collect the dripping fat. Roast for 90 minutes or 30 minutes for every 500 grams of lamb. Remove from oven and cover with foil for 20 minutes before carving. Now your Best Vietnamese Food is already served.
    Roasted Boneless Lamb Shoulder Roll (Thịt Cừu Quay Cuộn Tròn)3

    To make sauce, slowly melt butter in sauce pan before adding flour. Stir briskly until flour becomes a rough sandy texture. Add fat dripping and liquid till the sauce turns to the consistency that you like (runny/thick). Add Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper to taste. I think you may like this Best Vietnamese Food because this one is quite popular in your country.
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