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    Steamed Young Tofu with Century Egg (Đậu Hũ Non Hấp Trứng Bách Thảo)

    Do you know anything about century egg? Have you ever tasted it before? From many Easy Vietnamese Recipes, today I will show a new way to combine egg and tofu together. It is called Steamed Young Tofu with Century Eggs (Đậu Hũ Non Hấp Trứng Bách Thảo). Let us discover it, ok?

    Its flavor is quite strange from the first tasting time. However, you will addict it soon and it will be one of your flavor dishes all time. If you are wondering about how to make one f Easy Vietnamese Recipes like this, why don’t follow my instruction below?

    200g dried shrimps or grinded pork
    200g young tofu
    2 century eggs
    1 chicken egg
    1 yolk
    Salt, fish sauce, Maggie Seasoning Powder, spring onion, pepper and purple onion.

    Step 1
    : Clean well dried shrimps and soak into water in 5 – 10 minutes, grind well.

    Step 2
    : Clean gently young tofu, wait to get dry and use spoon to smash well.

    Step 3
    : Peel off the cover of century eggs, clean and slice into equal parts like photo below.

    Step 4
    : Mix dried shrimps, young tofu, stirred egg, ½ teaspoon salt; 2 teaspoons fish sauce, 1 little pepper, ½ teaspoon Maggie Seasoning Powder, sliced purple onion and mix well. Even here is one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes, but you guys should not neglect in cooking.

    Step 5
    : Pour mixture in step 4 into small bowl, use spoon to spread gently and well. Arrange century eggs on top before bring to steam.

    Step 6
    : Bring to steam in 20 – 25 minutes. Cover the pot carefully when steaming. Sometime, you should open the lib; absorb the water sticks on lib.

    Step 7
    : Stir well chicken egg and add more sliced spring onion, pour slowly on top of mixture in step 6 and cover again, steam more 2 minutes. Then, open the lib and steam more 6 minutes to make sure the surface of mixture will be dried. Turn off the heat and sprinkle more pepper and chili on top.

    Finally, you finished one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes with me. How do you feel? It is not difficult as you thought, right? Serving with steamed rice is my favorite. How about you? What stuff do you think we should serve with? Let us describe about these ideas by comment below ok? Hope you will love this dish and Have a good appetite.
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