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    Stewed Baby Tofu with Prawns Recipe (Đậu Hũ Non Om Tôm)

    From many Easy Vietnamese Recipes, you guys should know one more dish which I will give its recipe today. It is called Stewed Baby Tofu with Prawns (Đâu Hũ Non Om Tôm).

    The tasting deliciously buttery of baby tofu is combined with the sweetness of prawns will create a fantastic song for your family meal. It is not only easy for cooking, but also really easy for eating, especially for your kids. Now, together we will discover the way to cook one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes.


    200g baby tofu
    250g prawns
    Salt, sugar, spring onion, fish sauce, garlic, pepper

    Step 1
    : Peel off the cover of prawns, pull out the black lines on their backs, clean well and wait to get dry. If there are eggs on their heads, keep it and smash with their meat.

    Step 2: Clean gently and cut baby tofu into circle shapes.

    Step 3: Heat 2 teaspoons oil, add more minced garlic and fry until it is fragrant as usual. Next, add smash prawns in step 1 with ½ teaspoon salt, a little fish sauce and pepper, fry quickly in 2 – 3 minutes.

    Step 4
    : Add more 1 bowl water into pan and cool until it boils, add more sliced baby tofu.

    Step 5: Cover the pan carefully for stewing. You should use small heat in this step to finish one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes. Cook in 3 – 5 minutes, open the lid and season to suit your flavor. Then continue stewing until the broth is nearly absorbed into tofu and prawn meat. Add more sliced spring onion.

    To sum up, like my favorite way, I choose serving this dish with steamed rice and hot soup. If you are a Vietnamese gourmet, I bet this is your favorite way as well. Hope you will satisfy with one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes like this and have a good appetite.
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