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    Braised shrimps with Coconut Meat Recipe (Tôm Kho Cùi Dừa)

    Are you ready to learn new recipe from our Vietnamese Food Recipes? The dish for today is Braised shrimps with Coconut Meat (Tôm Kho Cùi Dừa) which shall satisfy your appetite. A bit of seafood and a bit of tropical fruit can create memorable experience for your family’s dinners.

    The sweetness from fresh shrimps combines with the crunchiness of Copra would be a great new dish for you & your family to refresh the taste. My mom cooked me this dish and I am confident that adding the recipe into our list of Vietnamese Food Recipes is a correct decision.
    300g of Black tiger shrimp
    1 small piece of Coconut meat (50 – 100g)
    Dried onion, salt, sugar, fish sauce and spring onion
    Step 1: Cut and remove the legs & beards but keep the skin attach as well as its mud (if applicable). Wash it with light salt water then let it dry naturally.

    Step 2: Peel off the Coconut skin (the brown one) and then clean and slice it.

    Step 3: Heat up with 2 coffee spoons of cooking oil (if you are using shrimps without mud, you may substitute vegetable cooking oil with cashew nut oil so that the colour can be beautiful), fried the dried onions, pour the shrimps and its mud into the pan and stir fry, add 2 coffee spoons of fish sauce, 1 spoon of sugar, salt then use the chopsticks to stir and mix them up.

    Step 4: Continue adding the coconut meat in and braise with the shrimps, cook with small heat. Be careful at this step if you want to succeed this recipe from our Vietnamese Food Recipes. Sometimes, you can add a little bit of fresh coconut juice in. Adjust the taste.

    Step 5
    : Braise from 15 to 20 minutes, turn off the stove and sprinkle some minced spring onions in.
    Finally, the dish is ready to serve. Like many other Vietnamese Food Recipes, this dish is best served with hot boiled bowl of rice. Enjoy the dish with your family and Vietnamese Food Team hopes you have a great time making this dish.

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