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    Pickling Soup with Fried Fish Recipe (Canh Dưa với Cá Rán)

    If you are a busy person for preparing Tet Holiday but still want to create a heahly meal for your family, Pinkling Soup with Fried Fish (Canh Dưa và Cá Rán) are a great choice. They all come from many Easy Vietnamese Recipes. Eating when they are hot will bring a stunning flavor in your mouth and I bet you will not forget it. These dishes also can be called two of many traditional Vietnamese dishes. Serving with fish sauce added some sliced chili is perfect.

    Saving your time by cooking these Easy Vietnamese Recipes is a good choice. Be ready to cook them with us and you will not disappointed about this decision. Please follow our instructions carefully and let us start cooking right now.

    Ingredients for Pickling Soup:
    Pickling (Dưa Chua) – Buy at Vietnamese Markets
    1 Tomato
    Spring Onion
    300gr Pork Chop
    Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Maggi’s stuff

    Process for making Pickling Soup:
    Step 1: Clean pickling in water in 2 – 3 times. Clean tomato, slice fiber. Clean spring onion and slice small.

    Step 2: Clean pork chop in water added a little salt in 2 – 3 times. Soak into hot water to reduce all ditry outside meat.

    Step 3: Here is the first step to create the flavor for one of Easy Vietnamese Reicpes. Heat the oil and add sliced tomato into pot and fry until it is soft. Next, pour all pork chop into pot and fry more 5 minutes.

    Step 4: Season to suit your flavor with salt, pepper and sugar. Then, add more pinkling into pot and fry well more 3 – 5 minutes. Cover the pot and wait until pinkling is soft and turns yellow.

    Step 5: Pour slowly water to cover all ingredients, cook in small heat until it boils. Season again to suit your flavor. Turn off the heat and add more sliced spring onion on face.

    Ingredients for Fried Tilapia Fish:
    1 whole tilapica fish
    Maggi’s stuff, salt, pepper, chili, ginger
    Vegetable oil.
    Process for making Fried Tilapica Fish:
    Step 1: Clean fish carefully. To reduce a slimy outside fish, you should apply salt and use your hand to scrape gently. Next, clean again with water in 2 – 3 times. Wait to dry. Marinate with Maggi’s stuff + pepper, wait about 15 minutes. You can cut fish in half to fry easily.

    Step 2: Heat the oil, add fish into pan and fry 2 faces until they turn yellow. Even here is one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes, but you should not neglect when frying fish. You should use small heat when frying.

    Finally, your dishes are ready to serve. Put fried fish on plate. Using these dish with fish sauce added chili/ginger and hot boiled rice are perfect, especially in cold days. With pickling soup, you should eating when it is hot to feel its delicious flavor in your mouth. When these dishes are combined together, they likes a great symphony which you have never had a chance to hear before. Hopw you love them and Good Luck for your Cooking.
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