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    Wrapped Soya Skin and Deep Fried Shrimps (Phù Trúc Bọc Tôm Chiên Giòn)

    Yesterday, my mom made Wrapped Soya Skin and Deep Fried Shrimps (Phù Trúc Bọc Tôm Chiên Giòn) for my family. This dish is so amazing. My mom told me that it comes from many her secret Vietnamese Food Recipes. Grandmother taught her how to cook it and now she wants to cook again for me and family.

    The crispy skin from soya is combined with shrimp filling is really delicious. You can eat with chili sauce or boiled rice is all tasty. Follow my instruction below if you want to discover one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes with us.
    200g silver shrimps
    250g grinded pork or chicken
    Soya skin (Phù Trúc) – Buy at Vietnamese Markets
    Salt, pepper, sugar, Magi’s stuff
    1 yolk
    1 tablespoon tapioca starch
    Vegetable oil, purple onion, cucumber
    Step 1: Clean well shrimps w water added a little salt in 2 – 3 times. Next, peel off the cover, pull out the black lines on their backs and clean again. Use paper napkin to absorb all water. Do not throw away the eggs of shrimps on their heads.

    Step 2: Use knife to mince well shrimps. Mix it with grinded pork, sliced purple onion, a little pepper, tapioca starch, 1 tablespoon oil, 1 teaspoons salt, 1 teaspoon sugar. Use spoon to mix well in 15 – 20 minutes. Wait about 30 minutes.

    Step 3: Soak soya skin in cold water until it is soft (5 minutes). Put on basket and wait to dry. If these soya skins are too long, you can use scissors for cutting it.

    Step 4
    : Spread one soya skin on plate.

    Step 5: Use spoon to scoop a little mixture in step 2, put on the center of soya skin.

    Step 6: Wrap it into rectangular shape or square shape. Use small brush to spread a little stirred yolk on the edge of soya skin to stick together.

    Step 7: Heat the oil (3 – 4 tablespoons), add one by one wrapped soya skin with shrimps filling into pot and fry until their color turn brown yellow. Put on plate added paper napkin to absorb wasted oil. Here is also the final step to create one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes from us.

    Finally, you already finished one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes. As I told you above, serving with chili sauce or boiled rice with cucumber is all delicious. So, are you ready to cook it now? Good Luck for your Cooking and have a good appetite with family in weekend.

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